About Me

Hai.I am Nachi.I am doing my engineering in chennai.I came from karaikudi. I love karaikudi very much.so I created a blog about it.This has some  useful information about karaikudi.
I keep updating it.


  1. Hi Nacchi,I propose to do a research on the chettiyar community of karaikudi.IN this respect,I would like to get in touch with you .My grandparents also lived in karaikudi.Hence the interest.Can u please get in touch with me on my personal email id guhahema@hotmail.com

  2. Hi Nachi, How are you? Very nice to know about your Blog. Listen, I am from Karaikudi, since we don't have a house there, I am planning to build a house in Karaikudi. I don't want to go towards Kottaiyur side, how about the Managiri side? Do you think it is a good idea? I heard that Apolo Hospital, Vasan Ey Care and Chettinadu school is already there? Please advise, Devi

    1. Hai Devi.as you said areas near managiri are developing because of hospitals and schools but still bus facilities are not up to the expectations.There are only few town buses to managiri and there are some madurai buses which take the kallal route which go through mangiri.so if you own a car you can very well take a house near managiri.but i would prefer going towards kottaiyur.can i know the reason why are you not prefering kottaiyur.

  3. Great job sister..Keep doing it...