Karaikudi is a holy town where heritage and people with prosperity live hand in hand. It is a land full of temples, humongous palaces, royally constructed houses and spicy traditional food. The prosperity reveals itself in the habits and activities of a very disciplined but flamboyant community called 'Chettiars'. If you are a spiritual person and also a food lover, Karaikudi is the best place cater both these needs with utmost satisfaction.


Karaikudi is known for its absolute serenity and hospitality. The chettinad food here makes you drool. It is one of the five fastest growing vacation spots for tourists in Tamil Nadu. There are several old historic buildings which attracts the tourists this divine land. The excellent shopping spree one could experience here and the exceptional local cuisine which is of world standards is likely to blow out the tourists. Karaikudi is surrounded by beautiful lakes, ponds and temples which make film makers from both the Tamil and Telugu film industries to use it as shooting spots.

Karaikudi – A Temple Town

Karaikudi temples are very famous for their ethnicity. The city has too many temples making way for the spiritual devotees an enchanting time. The Thennar River flowing through the south of Karaikudi adds divinity to the land.

Karaikudi Architecture-Karaikudi is very famous for ancient architecture.The architecture of the Town is very strong that the buildings of ancient period(1960's) is still very strong and beautiful.
They have very different style of architecture. They used teak wood instead of concrete.They use athangudi tiles for flooring. 

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