mattur-tourist place near karaikudi


Mattur is a tourist place near karaikudi.It is around seven kilometer from karaikudi.we have bus services from karaikudi.

                       old name of mattur was "kearlasingavalanad"
The name was given because of the pandiyas who were ruling the area around it.Actually they ruled present madurai.The kerala king was about to take rule over this area.but the king veerapandiyan destroyed all his the place was named keralasingavalanad.

Why the name "mattur"???

The tamil word for "replace" is "mattram".The ancient saint was trying to make gold from the beleive it or not,he somehow managed to make gold from the lotus with some chemicals prepared by him.But it was not the gold itself.It can be a replacement for gold.He found some 16 different combinations of the "replacement" gold.He came to mattur and found a green leaf named "vilari" form the "karimettu punsei" forest near mattur.when he used this leaf,he found 500 different "replacement" the name was given "Mattur".

                  The temple was given to the nagarathars by the pandiya king according to the history.then they Renovated the temple many times to preserve it.still the artworks of the temple is so should not miss this if you like the ancient architecture.The history of the temple dates back to 1500 years.The temple was fully renovated some 10 years before.The temple is one of the nine nagarathar temples.It has some 7 divsions with in it.

                           The temple was first built some 1500 years before.The stones needeed to built the temples was brought from tiruvannamalai to the tanjore then from tanjore it was brought to karaikudi and then to mattur.The sculpturist who were used was very famous at that time.devakottai vayi.mahishvansthapati,ma.sellakannusthapati,ma.vaithiyanatha sthapathi.They were from eluvankottai.The sculptures are so lively.The temple was built with good ventillation facilities with more windows.The temple was also built in a very big space with sunlight entering the temple .These all remind the ancient chettinad architecture.

how to reach mattur???

The mattur is just 7 kikometer from karaikudi.Arranging a cab from karaikudi will be well and good.Bus facilities are also there from karaikudi busstand.It is just few minutes from don't miss itttttt.

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