karaikudi pongal kolam kolakootu pongal rangoli karaikudi

pongal is one of the largest festival celebrated in tamilnadu.It is very famous and some foreigners come to tamilnadu to see the festival and they also celebrate pongal with the tamil people.some of the traditions in karaikudi is different.pongal is a three day festival.
on the first day pongal is cooked and is shared among friends and family and the second day is dedicated to the cows which are useful for the farmers in their agriculture.They clean the cow and give a special feast to the cow.The third day is called kaanum pongal.T he family will go for outing to nearby park or  beach or some tourist places or temples or simply watch tv programmes(as it is in most of the houses in the cities).Jallikattu is also conducted on this day.on this day competions like jallikattu will be conducted in many villages.Jallikattu is actually bull fighting.The young men in the family go to take part in the competition.The person who wins the competition will get a prize money.
Regarding the pongal festival in karaikudi, pongalkolam is drawn in the place where the pongal is to bo cooked for the pongalfestival.Here is  the pongalkolam(a rangoli drawn for pongal festival) is shown.

How to make kolakootu???

Here is the procedure to make the mixture(kolakootu) which is used  for drawingkolam(rangoli)  on the floor.This is also called kolakootu.First the pellets have to be made.The pellets can be made using the rice.Take the rice which is used for cooking  pongal(pachai arusi).Crush the rice thoroughly until you get a fine mixture  with use of mixie or grinder.Take the crushed mixture and add some water to make round pellets.dry the pellets in sun for atleast one day.now the pellets is ready.Take the pellets as required for your use and put it in a vessel(a small vessel is preferred).Add some water and mix it thoroughly untill you get a fine mixture.The kolakootu is ready for the use.you can use a small cloth for drawing rangoli on the floor.Hold the cloth in your hand such that your ring finger is in a dominating position.

This tradition is followed by the nagarathars(a caste in karaikudi). This is rangoli drawn for some special occasions.This is also called naduveettukolam.In the marriages  the lamp is placed in the center of the kolam.This is the famous tradition followed by the nagarathars

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