Route of 12606 Karaikudi - Chennai Egmore Pallavan Superfast express

Station CodeStation NameArrivalDepartureDistanceDay
KKDIKaraikkudi Junction-04.300001
TPJTiruchirapalli Junction06.1506.300901
VRIVridhachalam JN08.1308.152131
CGLChengalpattu JN10.5310.553701
MSChennai Egmore12.10-4261

Route of 12605 Chennai Egmore - Karaikkudi Pallavan Superfast express

Station CodeStation NameArrivalDepartureDistanceDay
MSChennai Egmore-15.450001
CGLChengalpattu JN16.3816.400561
VMVillupuram JN18.1018.151591
VRIVridhachalam JN18.5018.522131
GOCPonmalai (Golden Rock)20.2620.273341
TPJTiruchirapalli Junction21.2021.353361
KKDIkaraikkudi Junction23.25-4261
Railway budget 2013 was a treat to karaikudi people.The railway budget 2013 announced two new trains to karaikudi jn.The Happy news is that the pallavan express is extended to karaikudi which was a dream to the people of the karaikudi.The  new trains to karaikudi are as follows:
Pallavan express extended to karaikudi(daily)
Karaikudi-Manamadurai-virudhunagar(DEMU),after gauge conversion
There are many protests to extension of pallavan express to karaikudi.but the pudukottai people and the karaikudi people are very happy on this move.They celebrated the news by distributing sweets.The tiuruchy people are telling that the trains like rockfort express,tea garden express,jan-shatabti were extended from tiruchy to other parts like kumbakonam,karaikal.The are shocked after the extension of pallavan express to karaikudi.They demand that the railways can allocate a new day train to karaikudi instead of extending the pallavan express.They also say that the new train can be comfortable to karaikudi people as train timing can be changed easily.The demands of the manamadurai people is that the train should be extended till manamadurai or sivagangai.The new train rameswaram-coimbatore  also help the karaikudi people because the karaikudi is connected to business towns like tiruppur and Coimbatore.since the train is weekly it is expected that there will more rush when the train comes to karaikudi and also only small number of seats will be reserved for the people of karaikudi.while the extended pallavan express and the Coimbatore express are likely to be operated from the april the weekly Chennai express will come into operation after some days.If the trains are operated from april then it will be very easy for the vacation trips and also for the students community.also there is a demand that the Coimbatore express should be operated daily so that there is less rush in the weekends.manamadurai express is also extended to virudhunagar jn but it will be done after the gauge conversion.The timings of the pallavan express is not finalized. It will be better if the train starts from karaikudi jn around 6.00 am.From Chennai it will be better if it starts around 4.00 pm.

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  1. பல்லவன் எக்ஸ்பிரஸ் ரயிலை காரைக்குடிவரை நீட்டிப்பது புதுக்கோட்டை மாவட்டம் மற்றும் சிவகங்கை மாவட்ட மக்களுக்கு மிகுந்த பயனுள்ளதாகும். மேலும் காரைக்குடி மார்க்கத்தில் உள்ள ஒரே அதி விரைவு வண்டி பல்லவன் எக்ஸ்பிரஸ் ஆகும். இதை எதிர்த்து ஆர்பாட்டம் செய்பவர்களுக்கும் காவிரி தண்ணீரை தமிழகத்திற்கு பகிர்ந்து தர மனமில்லாத கன்னடக்காரர்களுக்கும் ஒன்றும் வித்தியாசம் இல்லை.


    இரு மாவட்ட மக்கள்

    1. Yes.you are right.Thanks for your comment.

    2. புதுக்கோட்டை மாவட்டம் மற்றும் சிவகங்கை மாவட்ட மக்களின் நீண்ட நாள் கனவான பல்லவன் விரைவு வண்டி நீட்டிப்பை குறுகிய மனப்பான்மை கொண்ட ஆர்பாட்டக்காரர்கள் தடுக்க நினைப்பது மிக தவறான முன் உதாரணமாகும். பிறகு பல்லவன் எக்ஸ்பிரஸ் செங்கல் பட்டை தாண்டுவதே குதிரை கொம்பாகிவிடும். அரசின் தொலை நோக்கு திட்டங்களுக்கு ஊறு விளைவிக்கும் நபர்களை இரும்பு கரம் கொண்டு அடக்க வேண்டும் . இல்லாவிட்டால் ஒன்று பட்ட இந்தியா என்பது ஏட்டளவில்தான் இருக்கும்

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    4. Poor man ,Don't mix cauvery water issue with the pallavan express extension.Railways should not extend Pallavan express.Instead of extending railways can leave a new express from karaikudi-chennai.

      Neenga trichyla irundhu partha ungalukku puriyum....

    5. Why my comment was removed...You should accept positive or negative comments in your stride...If not, why you have a public blog in the first place...?

  2. I am from Karaikudi...All people Read this..Even educated people talk with narrow mind..Pleas copy and paste the link in your browser if cant click the link...


    Why not we Karaikudi, Pudukkottai and SVGA people create a thread in the above forum and discuss why we need that train...But one thing I Agree with the protesters is that If not Pallavan extension a new Day train to be operated from KKDI. That will solve the problem...More comments needed...

    1. Muthuramalinga DevanApril 6, 2013 at 6:59 PM

      Hi Veera,

      your above suggested site is not an official website of Indian railway. We no need to discuss in the above forum. Particularly, in the case, Railway board already investigated and announced the extension of Pallavan express to Karaidudi. The problem is some short minded group protesting against the extension.

      Tiruchirappalli is a big junction where several trains pass through to many destination. People in Tiruchi are having much options to travel to Chennai by train. but pudukottai and sivaganga district people......????? Even if Pallavan express starts from Karaikudi, it will pass through Tiruchi only. Why are they struggling? Do they want to stop all trains upto Tiruchi? Tiuchi is situated in the middle of Tamilnadu. Most of the trains should pass through Tiruchi only.

      Indian railway introduces many new trains and extensions from Kashmir to Kanyakumari for the convenience of the public and possibilities of railway routes all over India. If everyone from everywhere protests from all station like short minded group, how will the benefits reach to all people? It is the bad beginning. The government should be aware of this group.

      Muthuramalinga Devan

    2. Dear Karaikudi people,

      Please ask for new express train instead of pallavan extension.Can you answer the below questions.

      Can you people wake up at midnite & catch the train at 3.45 am?
      Is it Ok when the train reaches reaches karaikudi at 12 nite?
      Does trichy people will get unreserved seats?very difficult
      Does the the ticket reservation will be easier for trichy people?

    3. KKDI people never asked the extension of Pallavan and its a political move....KKDI people are very happy if a new DTSF is announced. Its understandable that Unreserved compartments may be full.So we are happy if a portion of the Pallavan Exp is sent to KKDI instead of entire train..Regarding arrivals,We can go for night arrival at 12 but morning it cant be 3.45am...Since the loco change take 25 min atleast why not run the train without loco change at TPJ...That is fully on diesel. If so The train may start at 4.45am which wont be a great difficulty. And finally we all brothers and sisters and I seek an amicable solution in this regard.

  3. welcome your comment.

  4. Quote from the HIndu...


    One solution proposed by Trichy people is the extension of Cholan Express which run through TPJ, TJ,KMU,VM Circuitous route...I urge all the people to protest any such move because Our demand is a Day time train with 2C and CC coaches run thru Chord Line and not main line..The Cholan Express is not having high patronage by Trichy people but useful only for delta people. So how come such train is beneficial for the people of Pudukkottai, and Karaikkudi people?

  5. Muthuramalinga DevanApril 7, 2013 at 12:39 PM


    1)Sivagangai & Pudukottai district people's long standing demand is the day time super fast train to Chenni. So, Why should we travel to Chennai by long distance cholan express instead of super fast train? We are also the citizen of India.
    2) Why should agitators suggest Cholan express instead of Pallavan express. Pallavan express will also pass through Trichy.
    3) Trichy people can travel by Pallavan express and will be useful continuously to the Trichy people. Then What is the problem?
    Let them allow us to get the same benefits.

    Vaalga Trichy people! Vaalga pudukkottai and Sivagangai district people!!.

    1. Hi Sir,

      Exactly...We dont want a train like Cholan Exp...We already have two MEs, One RMM-BSB, and RMM-BBS. From my experience I rarely travelled thru RMM-BBS because of its route via main line and tickets are available even 2 days before its departure. So if Cholan is extended many seats would be vacant on many days...Hope it may not happen...

    2. as they are fighting I am walking in the road to go to chennai instead of train and bus....hi...hi...

  6. நொந்த தமிழன்April 11, 2013 at 5:35 PM

    திருச்சி வழியாக தினமும் சென்னைக்கு பல ரயில்கள் கடந்து செல்கின்றன. மலைக்கோட்டை மற்றும் பல்லவன் எக்ஸ்பிரஸ் ரயில்களும் திருச்சி வழியாகதான் செல்லும். எந்த வகையில் திருச்சி மக்கள் மேற்படி ரயில் சேவையை இழக்க போகிறார்கள் ? அடுத்த ஊர்காரன் துளியும் நன்மை பெறக்கூடாது என்ற தமிழனின் நல்ல எண்ணத்தால்தான் இலங்கையில் தமிழன் உயிரை விட்டுக்கொண்டு இருக்கிறான். எந்த நாட்டிலும் எந்த மாநிலத்திலும் இது போன்ற கூட்டம் இல்லை .

    1. Will the need of the Trichy people be greater than Karaikkudi and Pudukkottai people. Around 30000 of passengers are travelling daily from Trichy to Chennai. Why dont you can demand for new train instead of asking our train. You can tell that so many trains are passing through Trichy only. But not even a single passenger can board at those trains as they will reach TPJ with full rush. Why dont you people understand that the demand is more for Trichy only than Karaikkudi people??? As our friends told let you have a new train and let it not to stop or not to pass through TPJ whatever. It is not fair for asking our Train to extend to your town. There will not be any difference between you people asking for others train and British people who took over the wealth of other country for 200 years.

    2. Its amazing that the phrase "Our train" is used....I dont understand the meaning of the phrase "Our Train"...TPJ is in India and not in other country... In fact no train is exclusive to any town or city...Ofcourse KKDI, and PDKT cant match Trichy Population in any manner...Also its surmised that the train would be empty till Trichy.. If the train is full when it reaches trichy then KKDI and PDKT deserves a train...If not then TPJ people can board the train as if it is starting from TPJ...Finally still KKDI and PDKT people are happy if a new day time train is announced rather than extending Pallavan...And thirdly extension is a norm in IR and for TPJ like JN its unavoidable...I also say that If Pallavan is extended to MNM or RMM I would rather welcome the move than criticising it...

    3. Thanks for your comment.If the response is not good there is a high probablity of restoration of pallavan express to trichy.I think extending pallavan to MNM/RMM is quite tough because there is a problem of rake sharing between vaigai and pallavan.If it is extended to MNM then it it should start at morning 2.30 am to reach chennai egmore at 12.15 pm.because the vagai express should start at 1.20 pm

  7. why don't pudukottai and karaikudi people ask new train for your region. why ur people wanted to extend the existing train. already we lost rockfort express, tea garden express, mysore express. now a days its very difficult to get seat in the above express.
    its very very sad, a fourth largest city in tamilnadu does not have a single origin express train.

  8. everybody forgets the actual problem. the problem is getting seat in unreserved coaches. It is easy to solve.
    Run a portion of the train to karaikudi and attach the rest of the compartments in Trichy.
    Fuel also may be saved.problem also will be solved.

  9. To everyones surprise Southern Railway announced the Train service announced in the budget...There is no news regarding this on TV...

    What's Surprising

    The announced train service in the budget is between MS-KKDI but now its between MS and Manamadurai...So its surely a political move by PC to garner something as the election approaches...He certainly loose because Karaikudi the biggest Assembly constituency in the Sivaganga District wants an exclusive train from Karaikudi. Very similar to what TPJ people wants Pallavan and Rockfort. For me the only thing is the unreserved compartments which one can travel if it is an exclusive train from KKDI. Now it will be full when the train reaches KKDI.

    Obviously KKDI would be on the General Quota and there is not much Problem for SL and other coaches. This train would certainly be extended to VirudhuNagar soon(inspection on today).

    Inagural train Service from


  10. http://www.ashokha.com/2013/06/people-are-crying-for-everything.html
    people are crying for everything
    To day Railways announces that the new Train Nagercoil to Bangalore express (17235 & 17236) will run via Dindigul and Karur and will not touch Trichirappalli. The Tiruchi people are not happy over this and begin to cry. They must realize that touching Trichy will make the train an additional of 96 kilometers. While Dindigul to Karur the distance is 78 kms but through Trichy it will be 174 kms. The people of Dindigul, Madurai, Virudhunagar,Sathur,Kovilpatti, Tirunelveli,Valliyur and finally Nagercoil people will not like to travel an extra 96 kms. See the maps:
    Similarly when the Railways announces that the Rockfort Express (16877 & 16878) will not start from Kumbakonam, the people of Kumbakonam and Thanjavur again begin to cry. To pacify them Railways announces a new Train Thanjavur to Chennai Express via Kumbakonam (16183 & 16184) but people as usual ignore it. The distance between Kumbakonam and Chennai direct is only 275 kms but through Trichy it is 429 kms. You can save 154 kms by travelling via main line. See the maps:
    On another side the people are crying that the Pallavan express must not go to Karaikudi and Manamadurai and that is another story.

  11. தேச பக்தன்August 31, 2013 at 1:35 AM

    வெற்றி! வெற்றி!! . இந்திய ஒருமைபாடுக்கு கிடைத்த வெற்றி!. தேச ஒற்றுமைக்கு கிடைத்த வெற்றி!. பல்லவன் எக்ஸ்பிரஸ் காரைக்குடி வரை நீட்டிக்கப்பட்டது.

  12. தேச பக்தன்August 31, 2013 at 1:43 AM

    பிரிவினைவாதிகளுக்கு சாட்டையடி

  13. கலி காலம்September 3, 2013 at 1:08 AM

    ஐயா பல்லவன் எக்ஸ்பிரஸ் ஆர்பாட்டக்காரர்களே! அடுத்ததாக திருச்சி தாண்டி காவேரி தண்ணீர் தஞ்சாவூர் கும்பகோணம் போகக் கூடாது என்று அணை போட்டு ஆர்ப்பாட்டம் பண்ணிவிடாதீர்கள்

  14. தர்ம நாதன்September 3, 2013 at 6:56 PM

    திருச்சி மாவட்ட மக்களுக்கு பயன்பட்ட பல்லவன் தற்பொழுது திருச்சி, புதுக்கோட்டை மற்றும் சிவகங்கை மாவட்ட மக்களுக்கு சேர்த்து பயன்படுகிறது. எதற்கு ஏன் இவ்வளவு ஆர்ப்பாட்டம். புதுக்கோட்டை மற்றும் சிவகங்கை மாவட்டங்கள் பாகிஸ்தானிலா இருக்கின்றன?!

  15. என்னமோ ஏதோSeptember 3, 2013 at 10:44 PM

    திருச்சியில் இயங்கும் சில சதிகார கும்பல் தமிழர்கள் மனதில் பிரிவினையை விதைத்து தமிழகத்தை சுக்கு நூறாக உடைக்க திட்டம் போடுகிறார்கள் என்று நினைக்கிறேன்.

  16. சிவகங்கை மாவட்ட மக்கள்September 15, 2013 at 5:15 PM

    மத்திய மந்திரி ப.சிதம்பரம் இல்லாவிட்டால் மானா மதுரைக்கு ஏது சிலம்பு எக்ஸ்பிரஸ், காரைக்குடிக்கு ஏது பல்லவன் எக்ஸ்பிரஸ். திருச்சி - காரைக்குடி பை - பாஸ் தந்த வள்ளலே நீ வாழ்க! வாழ்க!!