MILK PRODUCERS UNION LIMITED, KARAIKUDI

The Sivagangai District Cooperative 
Milk Producers' Union Ltd.,
'O' , Siruvayal Road,
KARAIKUDI - 630 002.
      "A Dairy Serving for the Producers and Consumers in BACKWARD and DROUGHT PRONE Districts of THE SIVAGANGAI and THE RAMANATHAPURAM Districts. " 
       The Sivagangai District cooperative Milk Producers' Union was
 1. Date of Registration : 24.07.1982
 2. Date of Functioning : 01.01.1983

 3. Area of Operation :  Sivagangai & Ramanathapuram Districts.

       The Dairy is located at Karaikudi in the Sivagangai District in about 50 acres of Land. The Dairy has the handling capacity of 50,000 LPD . 

      We are having one Chilling Center at Sivagangai with 10,000 Lits. Handling capacity and another at Paramakudi (Ramnad Dist.) with 10,000 Lits. Capacity. 

1. Area of OF Operation                 : Ramanathapuram and Sivaganagi Districts.

2. No. of MPCS Affiliated               : 

3. Authorised Share Capital           : Rs. 15.0 Lakhs. 

4. Paid up Share Capital                : Rs. 2.88 Lakhs.

5. No. of Regular Employees          : 120 Working in this Union : 

6. No. of Functioning MPCS           : 198

7. No. of Farmer Members              :  32,925

8. No. of Milk Collection Routes      :  10

9. Average Quality of the Milk         : COW 
                                                         FAT % 4.60 
                                                         SNF % 8.38 
10. Procurement Price paid to Producers:

      Cow Milk per Kg. Total Sol        : Rs.   73.08 (Average Rate) 
      Buffaloes Milk per Kg. Fat         : Rs. 156.28 Rs.9.40/Lit.)


1. We Offer Veterinary Health Camps. 
2. Cattle Feed at Subsidised Rate through Milk Producers Coop. Societies to       Farmers.
3. Artificial Insemination (AI) facilities to Milk Producers Coop. Societies. 
4. Group Insurance Cover to Milk Producers.
5. Milch Animal loan to Milk Producers Coop. Societies under TAHDCO & ADW 
6. Milch Animal loans to Milk Producers' Coop. Society's BC Members under
financial assistance from TABCEDO.
7. Milch Animal loans to Milk Producers' Coop. Societies Minorities Assistance
8. Food & Mouth Diseases Vaccination to the Milk Producers' Coop. Societies members animals and other animals. 

         The Procurement and Input Activities are being Managed through 2 Union Milk Procurement Teams with Head Quarters at Sivagangai and Paramakudi and 2 DDD Milk Procurement Teams with Head Quarters at Karaikudi and Paramakudi. The Milk Procured by the Teams are delivered at Sivagangai Milk Chilling Center and Karaikudi Dairy. The chilled Milk from the Sivagangai CC is sent to Karaikudi Dairy for processing. 

         Artificial Insemination and Animal Health Cover is being extended to the Milch Animals in the Milk Producers Coop. Society by our Union's experienced Veterinarians . AI work is under taken by the Village Level Works (VLWs) those who were trained by our Veterinarians. The good quality of Feed is supplied to the Producers through Milk Producers Coop. Societies. 


          Artificial Insemination Training and Artificial Insemination Refresher courses are conducted by our Union's Veterinarians. 


            It is proposed to implement STEP Scheme for 3 years ( ie 2003-2006) at an outlay of Rs. 109.20 Lakhs. The scope of the scheme is to conduct various training for Animal Health and Artificial Insemination and Marketing Activities.
On successful implementation of the scheme 33 Self Help Groups will be brought under Cooperative Ambit to increase milk procurement and milk sales.

           We Offer Pasteurised Homogenised Milk in Hygienic Packing .
Toned Milk and Skim Milk for the choice of the Customers.
Pure Ghee identified as the Second Best Quality among the Ghee Manufacturing in India , now packing in pet jars and good attractive pouches. 

            This Union markets 17000 Lit. Per Day in the Ramanathapuram and the Sivagangai Districts and diverting surplus milk of 2000 Lits. Per Day to our Feeder Balancing Dairies like Madurai, Salem and Erode for Conversion of surplus milk in to by-products. We are having 3 Road Milk Tankers to transport from our Chilling Centres and to FBD. 

            There are 5 Milk Distribution Routes are operated for sale of milk and 3 routes are being operated by our Dealers and concessionaires at their risk for sales in the areas allotted to them. 

             A Part from Liquid Milk Sales we have produced 62 MTs of Ghee and 120 MTs. Of SMP during the year 2001 - 2002. We have dispatched the ghee to other states like Rajasthan, Karnataka Pondicherry as per our Head Office Orders. 

            We have marketed our own production of Khova Ghee and Aavin Ice-cream in Towns through our Parlours and Ulavar Santhai. Special parlours are opened at the Pilgrimage places like Rameswaram, Thirukostiyoor, Thayamangalam, Pillaiyar patti and Karaikudi during the festival times. 


The Sivagangai District Cooperative 
Milk Producers' Union Ltd.,
'O' , Siruvayal Road,
KARAIKUDI - 630 002.

E-mail Address : aavinkkdi@sancharnet.in 

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