kanadukathan karaikudi

Kanadukathan is mainly famous for big chettinad houses and chettinad foods.Calm Locality, Worth to see the Palace of Chettinad Raja and other prominent people's big bungalows ( Chettinad houses )of course most of them are vacant or less occupied.Main entrances and maindoors are carved nicely like temples.
This place was earlier planned for a full fledged town, even they got small air strip, unfortunately the local business people didn't concentrate much on their home town.Whereas they are running very successful business all over Tamil Nadu.
We can learn lot about rain water harvesting from these people. All their man made Ponds (oorani) are covered with unique water harvesting techniques with natural purifying process.The water collected on these ponds are tasting good. Till eighties the local people were consuming water from the ponds (OORANI ).

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