Tourist places around karaikudi

Tourist places in and around karaikudi

pillayarpatti: It is just a few kilometres from karaikudi(15 minutes).It is the temple of lord ganesha.The history of the temple dates back to the  ancient period(1091 AD) and the architecture of the building is very smart.There are  different kind of lamps to light the temlple.The best season to go is from dec25 to jan5.The january 1st day is very famous.The prayer starts  early in the morning. 

kundrakudi:It is near to is the temple of lord is located on the hill.There are many poojas  on the thaipoosam day .It usually falls in the month of febrauary or january 

Thousand window house:It lies inside the city.karaikudi is very famous for the giant buildings of the past.Their architecture is very different.They were built in 1950's by the nattukottai chettiars.still now they stand strong without any cracks.but some of buildings are not maintained properly.steps had been taken for the maintenance of the buildings by the indian tourism development board.

Ariyakudi:It is around 6 km from karaikudi.It is near to the karaikudi railway station.It is the temple of lord venkateshwara.It is very ancinet temple.The history is that a business magnet who lived in ariyakudi was deity of the lord venkateshwara.He went to the tirupati(famous temple of lord vankateshwara in andhra pradesh(state of india)).It is far away from ariyakudi.But he often went to tirupati.He helped the poor.He reciting slogas every morning.He prayed the god whole heartedly even in his old day when he went to tirupati he was about to fall as he should climb the hill to get to temple, at that time lord venkatrshwara appeared and he told to build a temple in ariyakudi where he will find four stones in four corners and the temple was built there taking the statue of lord venkateshwara from srirangam(trichy) and the fire was brought from thirumayam(pudukottai)

Thirumayam fort: .The ancient fort was built by Sethupati Vijaya Raghunatha Tevan.Near the fort there is small temple of bairavan.
the caves are built with eminent persons having excellent knowledge in   architecture.At first it was a very small fort .later it was built very big by the next generations of the king  It is just a 30 minute drive from karaikudi 

Aravayal(shanmughanathapuram)-It is also famous nagarathar village.there are many big buildings in the village which wre built by the ancient nattukottai is in between karaikudi and devakottai.It has good agricultural land.The Aravayal division of nattukottai chettiars is very famous because of the perfect maintenance of the banglas and buildings built by the ancestors.It is just 45 minutes from karaikudi. Many other places still to be updated....                    

Karaikudi is the bastion of Chettinad culture, captivating the visitor with spectacular mansions, refined woodcarving, and tangy Chettinad cuisine. The Chettiar community, torch-bearers of modern banking, has now laid open several of their magnificent homes, offering unique home-stay insights to the venturing Chettinad spirit of enterprise.
The visitor is welcomed to the family’s history, the quest for success and the drive that has yielded these grandiose buildings, their egg plastering technique…leading on that magnificence to fine silver handicrafts, woven saris, palm leaf baskets and unique hand-made Athangudi tiles.
The immense tourism potential of Chettinad, which has been receiving a large number of foreign tourists, will be utilized to boost the economy of local people through a number of community-based initiatives.
Creating employment opportunities through tourism projects, creating market linkages for artisans of Chettinad region, training for artisans to improve the skill, promoting rural livelihood, and marketing Chettinad cuisine through innovative methods are few of the plans. As a first step towards exploring the avenues for income generation of local people and to sustain the efforts of popularizing the pride of Chettinad, the district administration, with the support of DHAN Foundation, firmed up a community managed rural tourism concept.
The aim is that local people should receive benefits by marketing all Chettinad related items such as Kandanki saris, Athangudi tiles, wood carving works, and other handicrafts. All the efforts would benefit the larger masses of the local community and would bring back the traditional living. The community managed tourism would involve multi stake holders for the holistic approach of poverty reduction, and gender empowerment and invite the migrated citizens to return to live in their own place and bring back the traditional livelihood of the local community that would sustain for generations. The socio-economic development of the host community could be visualized, through the impacts of tourism.


The Overall goal of rural tourism is to create a community-managed rural tourism model through strengthening sustainable livelihoods of the local communities for the preservation and development of local heritage and culture of Chettinad Villages. The immediate objective will be:
  1. Exploring the avenues for livelihood promotion and the scope of development in the villages through tourism.
  2. Promoting people institutions for sustainability.
  3. Identifying the role of different stakeholders in poverty reduction through tourism and involving them.
  4. Benefiting the community through significant tourism economy.
  5. Nurturing the skills of the community to promote especially skilled persons in the community.

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